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The Education Awards Program sponsored by the Belairdirect Insurance Company was created in 1995 by the HQ Staff Relations Representatives (SSRs). $1000.00 Education Awards are drawn each year for dependents or grandchildren of employees and veterans in the National Capital Region (NCR). It continued until 2004.

The Program was transferred to the RCMP Veterans’ Association – Ottawa Division in 2005.

This is not a scholarship. The purpose of this program was to make funds available to all students who are attending post secondary institutions (universities, colleges or other recognized educational facilities) on a full time basis, leading to a degree, diploma or certificates), regardless of their academic achievements.

From the beginning, the program provided this opportunity to dependents or grandchildren of ALL RCMP EMPLOYEES (RM, CM, PSE) and Veterans.

Belairdirect has generously agreed to sponsor this Education Awards Program as a gesture of appreciation for the relationship they enjoy with Veterans and current employees residing in the National Capital Region.